Domaine Les Chesnaies - Beatrice & Pascal Lambert

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The winery was founded in 1987, and is situated near the town of Chinon, at the locality known as «Les Chesnaies ». We cultivate cabernet franc (for all reds and rosés) and chenin blanc (for whites) on approximately 16 hectares of vines situated between Chinon and the village of Cravant-les-coteaux. The winery has been practising organic farming for over 20 years, and was certified Biodynamique (Biodyvin) in 2012. No chemical synthesis products are used to produce our wines. These natural methods practiced on the vines and in the cellar, accentuate the pureness of our terroirs and allow us to elaborate wines with personality.
Certified Organic by Ecocert (2000)
Certified Biodynamic by Biodyvin (2004)
+33 247931379
This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.
  • Size of their farm: 13 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 13 (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of the vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
Average production of wine: 100000 (btl)
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