Arnaud Faupin, vinos naturales

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We are a little wineyard of 2 has in the Choapa Valley and we produce around 8.000 bottles of natural wine. All the process for wine making and vine growing are 100% made without electricity. We change all the motors for a bicycle (for the grape process and for moving wine).
Hijuela 11,
Salamanca, 1950000
This grower-maker farms some of their grapes themselves and buys-in others.
  • Size of their farm: 4 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 2 (ha)
  • Not all grapes are dry-farmed. Some are irrigated (I'm in a semi arid place).
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
Average production of wine: 8000 (btl)
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