Letting Go


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with Maria Koppitsch (Alex & Maria Koppitsch ) Grower & Maker


The pandemic has been tough on everyone but for some it has been tougher than most. Husband and wife team, Alex & Maria Koppitsch, farm 6 Ha in Burgenland, where Alex’s family has been making natural wine for generations. Tragically, Alex's brother passed away from Covid-19 last year and Alex himself has ended up with debilitating Long Covid, which has radically affected his work. “We were forced by circumstance to take a step back”, explains Maria “and the effect, in terms of the vineyard, was really surprising”. Join Maria, in conversation with Alexander Boily, to hear first-hand what happened to her family (both human and vine) over the last two years, and find out why even the darkest cloud can have a silver lining.

Maria Koppitsch (Alex & Maria Koppitsch )

Grower & Maker

Our family has been making natural wine for 500 years and now it is our turn to continue with this tradition. Alex's father taught him everything which he was taught by his father – the knowledge about making ensouled natural wine. In 2011, we took over the existing vineyards from Alex parents with a clear vision on our minds: We want to share our passion for natural wine with you. Alex does everything by himself. Every single working step in the vineyard and in the cellar is made by him, personally (with help from his dad). Hence 6.3 ha imply quite some workflow, Alex is always in the vineyards or in the cellar, whereas Maria takes care of communications, administration and their 3 sons. We're all about soil and passion.

Alexander Boily (Ward & Associés)


I am one of the Co-Founder of an agency based in Montréal called Ward & Associes. I have a self taught approach to wine, with many travels around the world and of course lots and lots of tasting/reading. In the last few years I worked as an apprentice viticulturist in some vineyards here in Quebec.
With Ward & Associes we have tried to bring wine outside the box a little and focused more on northern to central European wines. The main focus was to bring that extra wine source diversity and also we realized that those wines would travel extremely well across the Atlantic to Montréal.
For the last 2 years we have also partnered in the Vin Vin Vin wine bar.http://wardetassocies.com/


Austrian Wine is based in Vienna, and is a national service body for the Austrian wine industry. The organisation was founded in 1986 with the aim to strategically support, coordinate and maintain quality and sales.


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