Do-nothing Farming (ENG)


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Hiroki Fukuoka Farmer

Yukiyasu Kaneko Sommelier


(Simultaneous interpretation - English). Hiroki is the grandson of the late Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher who wrote the seminal book ‘The One-Straw Revolution’, in which he advocated the concept of do-nothing farming. Hiroki still runs the 10-hectare family farm, where he grows citrus, wheat, rice and vegetables. He says: “The essence of natural farming is a “philosophy of nothingness”, and it is difficult to understand natural farming without understanding this concept, which is a feeling and almost spiritual in nature.” Discover more in this fascinating talk.

Hiroki Fukuoka


Born in 1973 as the eldest son of the Fukuoka family.

Around 1988, he became aware of social issues and decided to start farming.

1989 Enrolled in Agricultural High School, in Iyo.

1992 Entered "Pasteur Bio College" in Kobe to study biotechnology.

In 1994, he finished his studies and returned home. At this time, at the age of 20, he received a sabbatical period from his father saying, "Please come back when you are 30," and experienced various jobs for social studies.
Example) Sales position of machinery and equipment, driver of heavy truck, civil engineering worker, etc.

1998 At 25 years old, he started farming

2003 At 30 years old, he was appointed as a representative of the farm

Yukiyasu Kaneko


Yuki is a Sommelier who has been working with natural wines for over 10 years. His experience is in restaurants and on the wineries themselves giving him a holistic understanding of growing, harvesting, processing and selecting wines.
His passion for food and wine started at the age of 18 working in a restaurant in Tokyo. From there his eagerness to explore this field has led him to work and travel all over the world to visit winemakers, eat and drink and build his knowledge and experience. He developed a sensibility for natural wine in particular which saw him work as Sommelier of some of the world's most interesting natural wine establishments such as NOMA (Copenhagen) and P Franco (London). Yuki has spent time with wine producers harvesting and making wine in many different countries. Working in a winery and spending time with the winemakers is what he enjoys most. He has spent the past five years consulting restaurants on their approach to showcasing these wines and their producers. He has also developed an interest in the traditions and disciplines of sake and shochu brewing leading him to study and work with some of the leaders in this field throughout Japan.


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