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Southwestern Distillery

Created by Tarquin Leadbetter, Higher Trevibban Farm, Wadebridge, Cornwall

Stand number: 4

southwestern distillery cornish still

Southwestern Distillery is an independent, family company that handcrafts Tarquin’s Gin and Cornish Pastis in tiny batches, inspired by their beautiful surroundings in north Cornwall. At the heart of its small-batch process lie two special, flame-fired, copper pot stills called Tamara and Senara (the more recent addition). Tarquin is the innovative young distiller behind the Gin and Pastis, who founded the micro distillery with sister Athene: sharing the desire to create spirits with joie de vivre!

What does Southwestern Distillery do differently?

Tamara and Senara are fired by flame. The myriad of micro reactions in the pot where the copper meets the fire achieves spirits with an incredible level of complexity.

Local, naturally sweet water is used to blend the spirits down to bottling strength at 42% abv. Coming from a source right on the coast, it is quite probably some of the freshest spring water in England. There are only 300 bottles created in each batch, often it is less. This means Tarquin can give the proper care and attention needed to turn every bottle into something really quite brilliant.

Each batch is a one-shot distillation, which means exactly the right amount of botanicals are used in every run to make an entirely finished spirit. Extravagant, but uncompromising.

*To note: Southwestern’s botanicals are not all organic but they do grow their own Devon violets for their gin and forage for gorse flowers on the blustery clifftops of Cornwall for their Pastis.

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin (42% abv)

A contemporary Cornish take on a classic London dry. Using crisp, piney juniper, fragrant handpicked violet flowers and fresh orange zest Tarquin’s Cornish Gin brings a little bit of Cornish sunshine to every glass.

Tarquin’s “The SeaDog” Navy Gin (57% abv)

Proud winner of “World’s Best Gin 2017” at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards. Inspired by the beautiful, wild coast of north Cornwall and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, Tarquin’s “The Seadog” Navy Gin is brimming with bold Cornish personality.

Cornish Pastis (42% abv)

First pastis to be distilled in the UK, ever. A modern take on the French anise classic, but with zero sugar. Includes foraged gorse flowers from the Atlantic clifftops and fresh orange zest. Distilled in the same pot stills as Tarquin’s Cornish Gin but with a different botanical compostion, and finished off with a touch of liquorice root for colour.