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WOZA Biltong & Charcuterie

South African inspired Charcuterie / @eatwoza

Woza makes authentic South African style charcuterie from premium British ingredients.

There is a long, rich history of producing charcuterie in South Africa, ever since early settlers used this method to preserve meat in the hot, dry climate.

Today, the king of South African charcuterie is biltong – prime cuts of cured, spiced and air-dried beef or venison – and we will offer three flavours at RAW WINE London to complement the wonderful wines that will be on show.

  • Original Beef: West Country beef bavette seasoned in Woza’s classic toasted coriander and pepper spice blend
  • Wild Venison: West Country wild venison is world renowned for good reason – this biltong has a deep, rich, complex flavor with hints of coriander seed and juniper berry
  • Cape Cinnamon: a uniquely spiced beef biltong which was inspired by the South East Asian-influenced cuisine of the Cape province

Woza in Zulu is an invitation to ‘come with me’. We invite all meat lovers in the UK and beyond to come with us and try proper South African charcuterie!