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We are delighted to welcome two London micro-breweries to RAW WINE London this year – Urban Farmhouse Redchurch Brewery & Beavertown Brewery. They are part of our ‘London Drinks‘ collection – featuring drinks that are made in our fine capital. Their beers are a lot less processed than those made by large conventional breweries, their ingredients though (like many of those used in craft brewing) are not organic. For examples of organic, wild ferment beers, check out Siemàn (stand 138) – who co-ferments beer wort & grape must.

Urban Farmhouse – Redchurch Brewery

By James Rylance & Jack Dobbie, 275-276 Poyser Street  – E2 9RF – London

Stand number: 1

James Rylance and Jack Dobbie at redchurch brewery

At Redchurch Brewery the approach is simple : exceptional beers, brewed with respect for process and flavour. Starting with an intial core range we have gone on to develop a wide range of experimental beers called Urban Farmhouse where we push the boundaries of fermentation.

We will be showcasing our Urban Farmhouse range alongside our core range. With Urban Farmhouse we work with organic fruit and herb growers across the south of England, we combine these with our house cultures to create boundary pushing sour beers.

*These beers are not farmed organically. They are unfiltered and no sulphites are added.

What you can taste at the fair:

Life of Plants. 5.1%

Herb Sour with Lemon Verbena & Pineapple Sage. Fermented with house yeast and lactobacillus.


On Skins : Plums. 6.5%

Plum Sour made with heritage plums from Brogdale orchard.Fermented with house yeast, lactobacillus and natural wild yeast.


Plum Stone Sour. 5.6%

After drainign our fermentaors of On Skins : Plums, we pitch another soured wort to get a second use from the fruit. Fermented with house yeast, lactobacillus and natural wild yeast.


Tartlette. 4.5%

Berliner Wiesse. Fermented with house yeast, lactobacillus.


Barrels 1 & 2. 5%

Tartelette aged in Chardonnay barrels for two years. Fermented with house yeast, lactobacillus.


Brick Lane Lager. 4.7%

Lager brewed with with Cascade, Chinook & Hallertau Mittlefruh.


Paradise Pale Ale. 4.7%

Session pale ale with Motueka, Cascade, Chinook & Columbus.


Great Eastern IPA. 7.4%

IPA brewed with Magnum, Eureka, Cascade, Columbus & Citra.

redchurch brewery herbs
barrels at redchurch brewery

Beavertown Brewery

by Logan Plant, Lockwood Industrial Estate, Tottenham, London

Stand number: 2

beavertown brewery tanks


We love beer. We believe that great beer is something everyone should get to experience. It brings people together, it gets people talking. Beer is all about relationships. That feeling is the reason we started on this path. In December 2011, Logan Plant set up a brew kit in the kitchen of Duke’s Brew & Que in De Beauvoir, Hackney. The kit, situated opposite the two smokers of the BBQ restaurant, ran at 650 liters per brew.

2 years later we’d moved to Tottenham. Not ones to forget our roots, we brought our original brew kit with us, using it initially to hone the experimental beers, while “Big Beaver,” ploughed through brews of our core range at 5500 liters per brew.

In 2015 we took the opportunity to foray in to the wild, repurposing our original brew kit and investing in wood. The original kit sits at the heart of our Tempus Project, surrounded by barrels of every imaginable style and quietly standing as the perfect juxtaposition to the hustle of the main brew house, producing beers that take their own sweet time, to be enjoyed whenever they are ready.

Our mission has always been to produce beers of the highest caliber, driven by our passion for innovation and uncompromising quality. We’ve always aimed to satisfy and stimulate the drinker from the very first sip. Our Core range exemplifies our commitment to consistency, keeping it simple with big punchy hops balanced against a considered grain bill, each beer having its own unique profile. Our Tempus Project is a more untamed beast, moving beyond the realms of t water, barley, hops and yeast into a land of microbes, wild bacteria and wood. Each of these beers with their own little, intrepid journey from brew to bottle. These stories and flavor concepts are reflected in the artwork we wrap our beers in. Whether in can or bottle we want our drinkers to enjoy every aspect of the Beavertown experience and the artwork and designs are an integral part of that.

We are Beavertown, beer is what we make, and love, and we want to share it with you.

*These beers are not organic. They have not been fined or filtered and no sulphites have been added. “We have a centrifuge which we use lightly to avoid filtration”.

Be Excellent to each other, Land and Labour Collaboration. 7.02% ABV

Wine yeast fermented IPA aged in White Wine Barrels. 100% White Bordeaux Wine Barrels (Semillon and Sauvingnon Blanc Blend).


Tempus Project Brett IPA 6.04% ABV

Brett IPA produced using Crooked Stave’s house strain. Fermented in Stainless Steel.


Tempus Project Cowboy Lightning, American Solera Collaboration 5.4% ABV

Golden Ale fermented in French Oak. Brettanomyces Brux Drei & Lactobacillus Brevis.

taking a sample from a tank at beavertown brewery
crowd at beavertown brewery