Something Great in Champagne

October 11, 2017

An extract of the article “Franck Pascal (Champagne)” by Wine Terroirs:

“Franck spent his Army time in military engineering and he says that&;s where he learnt about the interaction of chemical agents and living bodies, while being trained on the effects of chemical warfare. When he came back and began to invest himself in the farm, he followed a viticulture training and there he clearly saw similarities in the way the vines and soil get overwhelmed by chemicals that change everything durably for the worse.

This visit which I owe to Marise who discovered this domaine a few weeks ago was utterly interesting in the sense that Franck knows tons of things about the interactions of everything in the soils and the vines and with his engineering training and methodology he applied this science of life to successfully pull his vineyards away from the death kiss of the conventional farming. It&;s heartening to see people like him and his wife Isabelle because they&;re the proof that if the mainstream growers were willing to, they too could veer from a destructive viticulture management and make in the process Champagne wines that stand out, but this would be at the cost of short-term profits (and yields), which is something few producers in Champagne are willing to do alas”.

To read the article in full:

This is what other readers thought (see their comments at the bottom of the article):

Fabulous reporting! In-depth, detailed, human. Great job telling a great story. Best of luck to Franck Pascal. I will look for his bottles.”

“Wow, sounds like an amazing time. Love your pictures, I totally feel like I am in the vineyard! Peace from Oregon, Dove”

franck pascal and family

Really simple: just read this amazing article, and discover a singular universe of innovations in Champagne, for a better world !

Next step: discover it live during RAW WINE FAIR !

See you soon,
Isabelle and Franck PASCAL

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