RAW WINE Crackerjack: Tony Coturri

May 8, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Californian, natural-wine-growing wonder Tony Coturri is joining us as our ‘Virtual Expert’. Outspoken and opionated, he is the Marmite of wine – in his words ‘you either love me or you hate me’. Well, here at RAW WINE we certainly fall into the former camp and although he sadly will not be able to join us in person at the fair this year (his wines are being shown by his trusty associate Caleb), he is joining us online – posting his thoughts on the current state of the wine industry. Having produced totally natural wines (organic and free of all and any additions) on the sunny west coast of the US for nearly four decades, Tony is a fount of knowledge. So whether you agree with him or you don’t, whether you’d like to ask him questions or just read what he has to say, join us for what will certainly be an enlivening series.

If you would like to keep up with Tony’s posts, follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook or visit our blog each day next week (11 to 15 May 2015). Tony will automatically be advised of any comments you leave on his pieces, so please do post away.

So, to inaugurate the series, here’s Tony’s introduction: Our Era of Wine“.

Tony checking the sugar of his grapes.

About Tony

Tony Coturri is fourth generation San Franciscan. He made the move to the Sonoma Wine lands in the late 60s. He has been producing wines without any added ingredients or manipulations and growing grapes correctly for over 35 years. Often criticized for his wines and ostracized for his opinions on viticulture, winemaking and lifestyle, heʼs like his wines: you either love him or hate him.

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