Dame-Jeanne, Inc.


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Dame-Jeanne is a dynamic wine, cider, and spirits agency, located in beautiful Montréal, Québec! Originally founded by Vanya Filipovic in 2015, Dame-Jeanne has grown organically by taking on long-time friend and partner John Bambara of Bambara Selections in 2020. At Dame-Jeanne, we champion small producers with singular vision and terroir-driven wines. We work both in Québec's "Private Import" structure, selling wines to the best restaurants/wine bars in the province, as well as directly to the "SAQ", placing delicious wines on the shelves for all to enjoy. We are committed to true partnerships, and long-term vision. Our winemakers are all part of our growing wine family, and we are thrilled to consider them all as friends.
6742 rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, H2S 2S2
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