Valdibella C.a.

Valdibella Coop.


Valdibella is a cooperative formed by ten organic farms operating in Camporeale, a Sicilian village in the province of Palermo. The members of Valdibella have chosen a kind of production based on the valorisation of native grapes and other crops typical of Sicily, cultivated in full respect of nature and biodiversity protection. During the growing of the grapes they adopted farming methods that guarantee high quality: the bush vines, low yields, pruning and harvesting in crates. In addition, the vineyard is integrated with other typical crops, olive, almond, fig, close to natural areas, small forests and ponds. Valdibella produces natural wines. The natural wine comes from working methods that provide the least possible number of interventions in the vineyard and in the cellar, as well as the absence of chemical additives. The organic grapes are rich with indigenous yeasts that are perfectly able to perform spontaneous fermentation. The climate of Sicily and the care in the harvest allow us to use a few sulphites in the wine. Some Valdibella wines are totally made without added sulfites. The history of Valdibella is characterized by a commitment to disadvantaged people, for this reason, the cooperative has always promoted initiatives for social purposes to be carried out in collaboration with local and international partners. Moreover, Valdibella tries to spread messages about legality, working with the association ” Addiopizzo ” a movement of protest that is struggling against – ” il pizzo ” – inflicted on Sicilian traders by the local Mafia. The logo ” Certificate Addiopizzo ” is on all brand Valdibella’s products.
Certified Organic by ICEA (D16I)
+39 092 4582021
Via Belvedere 91
Camporeale, 90043
This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.
  • Size of their farm: 200 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 50 (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of the vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
Average production of wine: 120000 (btl)
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