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Margaux Aubry and Jade Febvre started Unfiltered last July (2018). Margaux has two restaurants in London, and Jade is in the wine/ restaurant industry in Paris. We wanted to have a passion project (another one! :) on the side of our respective jobs, that would allow us to travel and visit wine makers as much as we could, and help making London's wine scene more diverse. Diversity is the key word for us, as London is full of very similar wine lists ( no matter how good they are). We are thinking of crossing off the 'wine' bit on our business card as we decided after La dive 2019 to import exclusively ciders and beers...! We import at the moment Swedish ciders ( Malmö, Sweden, Fruktstereo) & French artisanal beers (Haute Savoie, France, La brasserie des Voirons).
45 Aberfeldy house
John Ruskin Street
London, se50xq
United Kingdom
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