Sedella Vinos

Lauren Rosillo

Grower, Maker

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Founded in 2006, Sedella Vinos S.L. is the personal viticulture and enological project of Lauren Rosillo, a young and innovative Spanish winemaker that produces premium wines in other Spanish regions. The small vineyard, located in Sedella (Appellation d’Origine Sierras de Malaga) has 1.8 hectares of vineyards rooted in historical steep slopes of slate. The cultivation of the hundred-year-old vines is executed in an artisan manner, using draft animals, Roman plows and ancient techniques. The winery, enhances the ancient techniques of natural winemaking. A long aging period, using used French oak barrels and amphors, is a fundamental stage in the making of these wines that can be appreciated in its own tasting room for both wine lowers and professionals. Sedella Wines currently produces a single red wine from centenarian Romé and Grenache vines aged between 16 and 20 months in second hand French oak barrels and amphoraes. Wine with an outstanding deep blue color, high intensity, violet on the edges and dense and stained tears. The aromas are reminiscent of the natural environment, with notes of iodine, salt-pits and Mediterranean forests, fresh and fruity yielding very complex and elegant wines. In the mouth, sensations are soft, round, but fresh and a pleasant aftertaste.
Certified Organic by Agrocolor
This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.
  • Size of their farm: 0 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 0 (ha)
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