Roni Selects

Importer, Distributor

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Roni Selects is an importer and distributor of natural wine made by a community of savants connected by a common joie de vivre. The company was founded in 2017 by Roni Ginach, former wine director of Michael’s Santa Monica. When Tony Coturri, California’s grandfather of natural wine, needed a hand with his Los Angeles distribution, he asked Roni to help him out. From there, Roni Selects grew organically until it finally found its form as a home and platform for producers working at the radical margins and origins. Roni Selects now represents winemakers from France, Germany, Italy, The US and Georgia and is constantly growing. We work under the assumption that wine as a medium acts as a mode of communication, creating space and community. Our producers are entirely dedicated to the practice of reading the needs of their vineyards, helping to nurture their growth organically, and of allowing the wines that need to be made come to life year by year. Each has a different relationship to their practice - our goal is to honor those differences and celebrate them.
1429 Mt. Pleasant street
Los Angeles, 90042
United States
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