Rinascimento Wine Company

Importer, Distributor

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Every time I open a bottle, I want to be taken on an adventure of the mind. I want to be transported to another place and another time . . . another world. Every bottle is different. Every bottle is an experience. I find the producers who make these kinds of wines and I become their partner in bringing this experience to you. This is no manifesto. This is not marketing jargon in the hopes of selling more wine. Twenty-five years in the wine business has taught me that it all falls by the wayside after awhile. I want you to taste what I taste. I want you to experience what I experience and find the joy that is in every bottle. Many of the wines I work with are farmed either organically or biodynamically and are naturally fermented using only native yeasts, but that doesn't mean they are automatically good; the wines are good because of the blood, sweat and tears that are shed by the producers working with nature to make something great.
4271 Campbell Drive
Los Angeles, 90066
United States
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