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I am originally from Montreal and moved to Saskatchewan about 5 years ago. I started an import agency with my business partner out of sheer necessity as there was no bio or natural wines available in the province. Fast forward to now, we have expanded to Alberta and currently work with over 40 producers some of whom will be at the event. From our website “A small import agency bringing the things we want to drink into Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our portfolio is filled with people who make wine and cider, not invent brands. We call ourselves a natural wine agency. All of our producers work with nature not against it. They take inspiration from the natural processes at work in front of them, not the industrial efficiency of a fast-food chain. They fully understand that letting nature lead the way in the business of fermentation can be risky. Like us though, they know that wine faults are not solely owned by nature. Over-sulfured and over-worked wines are their own sort of tragedy.”
3020 McCallum ave
Regina , S4s0r5
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