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Lammidia is our personal project, started from zero, by us; it was not a family business, we didn’t own vineyards, lands, buildings before… we started making 1.000 bottles in 2010 and we have always self-financed Lammidia, selling our bottles that increased year by year, with our own capabilities and a lot of love and passion. We are wine lovers first; and we our ideas and approach comes tasting many many different wines, visiting a lot of winemakers and making several cuvée and mistakes. We have a wild range of practices and tools, given by our continuous will to discovering and finding new facets of the wine. So, through our many cuvées, inspirations and contaminations, we crush by feet and destem by hand or crush and destem with a machine, we press with a manual vertical 80 yo winepress or with a modern pneumatic soft press, we ferment and age in steel, fiberglass, concrete, clay and wood; we make skin contact fermentation for hours or months, or carbonic maceration both for white and red. We bottle with a small artisanal bottling machine or with an automatic and super-efficient one. We use cork or crown cap. BTW In the whole process we never take or add anything, but we try to find the best expression of that grape; that’s the 100% uva e basta spirit.
Certified Organic by ICEA (2018, IT BIO 006 S1724)
Contrada Vagnola 44
Villa Celiera, 65010
This grower-maker farms some of their grapes themselves and buys-in others.
  • Size of their farm: 8 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 6 (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of the vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
Average production of wine: 50000 (btl)
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