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Josephine - wine shop & Bar


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Our wines come from small producers, primarily European, whose hearts are in the right place. These are organic, biodynamic and natural wines, but in terms of taste the wines range from the more classic to the wild and challenging. We sell many wines in the wine shop, and you can drink them on the spot at shelf price + DKK 125. in addition, we have a long cellar list with even more options and older vintages. Find e.g. wines from: weingut brand, Weingut Peter Jakob kühn, stefan vetter, 2 Naturkinder, weingut wasenhaus, david & Charlotte Beck, jean ginglinger, jean-marc dreyer, bruno schueller, eric kamm, louis maurer, achillee, Pépin, pierre andrey, olivier horiot, lelarge -pugeot, mouzon leroux, ruppert-leroy, vouette et sorbée, reynald héaulé, pierre-olivier bonhomme, julien pineau, christian venier, sonshine vins, michel autran, vallée moray, julien prével, antoine sanzay, jérôme lambert, julien delrieu, robin carette, marc angeli, babass, griottes, patrick desplats and many many more…
+45 60 65 00 34
Frangiggsgade 15
Copenhagen, 2300
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