El Jardí dels Sentits

Blanca Ozcáriz Raventós

Grower, Maker

El Jardí dels Sentits (The Garden of the Senses) is a project matured during 20 years, but just recently commercialised. Mª Assumpció Raventós, our mother, inherited 8 Has from our grandparents's vineyard. Our father, captain of ship, and our mother, artist, continued the familiar tradition of artisan wines at very small scale. Managing the Familiar vineyard since the 1998, we could discover the potential of these small vineyards, always worked with passion. Our wines have much aging potential, and we vinify at the pure style of our grandfather. El Jardí dels Sentits present wines from one unique plot, so as to enhace richness of the Mediterranean varieties adapted to each unique petrocalcic calcareous soil. The crop is certified BIO since the 2014, incorporating vegetal cover, garbage matured by ourselves and all biodynamic techniques. Certification in Biodinamic may be for 2023. Our wines themselves will directly speak to you through your senses and health!
Certified Organic by CCPAE (CT 005351PE)
Almirall 12
Subirats, Barcelona, 08739
This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.
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