Cosimo Maria Masini

Francesco de Filippis

Grower, Maker

Cosimo Maria Masini’s vineyards lie in San Miniato (Pisa) known for its exquisite white truffels in the heart of the hill country through which the Arno and Elsa rivers run. It is here that we cultivate approximately 40 hectares of grapes, olive trees, wheat, vegetables and fruit trees.The nearby warm Tyrrhenian sea and the Tramontana winds that blow down from the north create an unrivalled site climate characterised by very hot days and consistently cool nights. Combine these weather conditions with vine-friendly soil laden with the fossil remains of ancient sea life and its no wonder that our grapes achieve such perfect ripeness. Stewardship of this wonderful gift of nature is our pledge and the vision we strive to achieve. Great wines are created in the vineyard, not in the wine cellar. That is why we have been committed to biodynamic agriculture since 2003 for only biodynamic vineyard management can ensure that the soul and signature sensory perceptions of our wines will emerge. At Cosimo Maria Masini, our grapes are grown in harmony with climate and soil before they are pressed and fermented as naturally as possible. In the wine cellar we use natural yeasts, which means that fermentation is carried out with yeasts found naturally on the grapes. This helps to ensure that all the characteristics of the grape are present in the wine.
Certified - Organic by CCPB (Organic) (2000, CC16)
Certified - Biodynamic by Demeter (Biodynamic)
+ 39 057 146 50 32
Via Poggio al Pino 16
San Miniato, 56028
This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.
  • Size of their farm: 0 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 0 (ha)
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