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At Ancestrel we believe that wine is food. If wine is food, it should be natural. It should come from farmers, not factories. And, of course, if wine is food, it should be delicious and available to all. We are strong proponents of farmers and winemakers whose efforts are informed by tradition, heritage and the wisdom gleaned from millennia of experimentation and iteration. We work closely with our producers to ensure that this ancestral wisdom does not disappear. However, we are also keenly focused on the future. So we also work closely with our producers to imagine a future that is not encumbered by the limitations inherent to the traditional wine business. We aspire to reimagine the business of wine, in order to put wines produced the Ancestrel way on every table. Ancestrel was founded in 2016 and is based in London, New York and California. Our portfolio features producers from the West Coast of the United States, as well as from France, Italy and Spain, who make the best ZeroZero wines in the world. Nothing added, nothing taken away and, eventually, nothing left behind. A growing number of our wines are available in keg. We sell both to trade, and to the public on Saturdays from our arch at the Spa Terminus Market in Bermondsey.
Arch 2, Spa Terminus
Spa Road
London, SE16 4RP
United Kingdom
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