Our Friends in Chile

For the past couple of weeks Chile has been ravaged by wildfire. Many farmers have fought for the survival of their farms and homes. Below is a letter we received yesterday, together with a few photos to give you an idea what they have been battling. Our thoughts are with them all.

5 February 2017 at 23:50:57 CET

Dear Isabelle,

Yes, it has been a scene of Dante, fire out of control… whatever was in its way Pine and Eucaliptus forests, planted in large extensions towns … Vineyards and many many acres of productive and sustainable agriculture practice of Chilean Agriculture Tradition of Dry Lands burned in many cases down to ashes. The scenery at it’s most in the Cordillera de La Costa and its valleys and mountains. The aggressive Forest Industry has invaded these regions for years with the consequenses we are now living. It has been a terrible and frightening experience for Chileans.

Renan Cancino [of Bodegas El Viejo Almacen de Sauzal] was very close to active fire but they fought it to the limit the fire went through the town of Sauzal. Where his vineyard is located.

Roberto Henriquez lived a similar situation having to fight the fire to save his bodega. Fire was everywhere around the corner.

Mauricio Gonzalez situated in Yumbel Estacion lived the anxiety of the smoke coming from all directions and prepared if in danger to save his vineyard.

Manuel Moraga [of Cacique Maravilla Wines] situated in Yumbel lived also this situation and felt the effects of smoke in all directions and ready to fight if necessary to protect his 250 year old vineyard …. days of anxiety.

We were all lucky since we did not suffer damage in our Vineyard and Lands.

As Guardians of Old Pais Vines we much expect a better future in local planification of Territories and Agriculture Lands since we do have a great heritage: these Vines, their Story and it’s wonderful wines that are produced in these regions.

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