Lifecycles – Vidacycle perspectives from Chile

Being in the other hemisphere, things are looking quite different this time of year. The olives are ever-green but the vines have turned a golden brown and the landscape looks fiery and alive. The seasons of course play a big role in many lifecycles as we all lap around the sun.

At vidacycle we are fascinated by lifecycles. From the momentary appearance of a moon flower for a single night, to the thick gnarly vines that have flourished on the land for a century, all living things are evolving through their stages of life.

The natural world seems relatively unpredictable to we humans, a late frost this year meant we only had half the grapes we had in 2015. Which of course means much fewer bottles of wine. We aren’t really sure the best way to deal with this. We farm on a small-scale and using agro-ecological (beyond organic) methods because we want to produce amazing quality grapes full of the flavours of Chile, but also because we want to be one of a network of farms on the earth that ensure a whole plethora of lifecycles prosper, from the water and the soil, to the people and the products. For us this is the future.

We are excited to be part of Raw Wine Fair this year because although our wine production is very small, the wine speaks of what we are up to and the land it was produced on. It’s a way for others to share the beauty of the Loncomilla Valley, Chile (Maule Region) regardless of where they are at in their lifecycle. It is a way to celebrate through drinking, eating and fun the importance of cultivating great land and savouring the hard work and incredible natural world that makes TINTE.

Come visit us at Stand 107 to chat and try TINTE. And if you want to find out more follow us on instagram, twitter and check out our website.


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