By Phoebe Ollerearnshaw

Courtesy of RAW WINE

We pick the brain of Master of Wine, Isabelle Legeron—natural wine enthusiast and creator of RAW WINE fairs. In our detailed Q&A she shares with us her opinion on the world’s best grapes, improving your palate and the importance of biodynamic farming.

Question: What made you realise your love for wine?

Isabelle Legeron: It’s a family thing. I come from a long line of vignerons in Cognac, southwest France. My family (on both sides) have grown grapes and distilled for generations. In fact, my great grandfather used to ride around the French countryside with his horse, cart and mobile pot-still, distilling for entire villages. I was thrown into it, so to speak, at a very young age and was expected to help out in the vineyard and cellar year round. As a teenager I rebelled, went to university and got a job in London, but after a few years I missed farming. Wine was my way of accessing that world again. I knew lots about grape growing, but very little about wine itself, or rather next to nothing about the culture of wine. I didn’t have a clue, for example, that Sancerre was made from Sauvignon Blanc or that Chablis was made from Chardonnay. But the minute I began tasting wine, I was hooked. Seven years and many tasting notes later, I became France’s only female Master of Wine and have never looked back

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