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Yoigokochi Sake Importers

Sake Selection by Yoigokochi Sake Importer

Stand Number: 1

YOIGOKOCHI SAKE IMPORTERS is the world’s first sake importing company to deal strictly with junmaishu, 100% pure sake without additives, and its large variety of brands from more than 25 breweries are distributed in 20 European and North American countries. It introduced unpasteurised sake to Europe and, as ever, the major part of the collection consists of unpasteurised raw sake, in most cases also unfiltered, undiluted and/or made from organically grown rice. This collection also includes many medieval and early modern brews and long-matured sake. Its independent selectors have a strong preference for pure sake with outspoken taste and aroma, that can contribute to dishes from all cuisines in the world, but are also marvelous to enjoy on their own. Yoigokochi Sake Importers has been part of the RAW entourage from the very start. The majority of its distributors are natural wine importers, whose main customers are fine dining and organic restaurants.

Ine Mankai and Natsu no Omoide (Mukai Shuzō)

Experimental aperitif red sake

Daigo no Shizuku (Terada Honke)

Organic medieval brew. Now also sparkling version !

Shizenmai Sparkling (Kidoizumi Shuzō)

Organic sparkling sake.

Dōkan Daiginjō (Ōta Shuzō)

Polished, peach-taste, medium-body

Kizan (Chikumanishiki Shuzō)

Fruity, like pear and apple-pie

Shiboritate (Kidoizumi Shuzō)

Organic first-press young sake

Kokoro (Ōta Shuzō)

Lowest-price pure sake.

Hakugyokukō (Kidoizumi Shuzō)

Full-body slow-brew sake

Chōchōkyū 2015 (Nakano BC)

Soft maturation below zero

Katori 90 and Katori 90 Namagen (Terada Honke)

Organic, pre-modern, minimally polished, rough. Also unpasteurised undiluted version

Kinkame 80 (Okamura Honke)

Minimally polished sweet sake

Soma no Tengu (Uehara Shuzō)

Light-cloudy soft and deep sake

Furōsen Nakagumi (Uehara Shuzō)

Best sake to drink warm

Taiko no Izanai 2011 (Uehara Shuzō)

Long-matured, seawater sake

Biden 1999 (Mii no Kotobuki)

20-year matured, low-price sake

Chōkyū Kijōshu 1999 (Ōmi Shuzō)

20-year aged, port-like sake

Mii no Umeshu (Mii no Kotobuki)

Plum-sake on the basis of 20-year matured sake

Yoigokochi Yuzu (Miyako Bijin)

Our self-produced intense fruit sake, full of refreshing yuzu juice

Manzen (Manzen Shuzō)

Most natural shōchū. Distilled with sweet potato