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Chardonnay, 2013

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100% natural
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vineyard Vineyard
  • Organic / Biodynamic (uncertified)
cellar Cellar
  • Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention
  • Sulphites: No added sulphites: <10 mg/L
  • Fining (clarification): Unfined
  • Filtering: Unfiltered
  • Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians
  • Alcohol: tbc
  • Residual sugar: <1 g/L

Additional Information

8 hours of maceration, natural fermentation, no added yeast, no added sulphur, matured in oak barrels, unfiltered, unfined.
Our ancestors were keen winegrowers, and so our knowledge and love of wine goes back to as early as 14th Century. It was then that we earned our family crest, which originates from the French region of Vosges- the home of Joan of Arc-it was awarded in honour of Justice and Liberty, which remain our guiding principles and lifestyle choice. Just asviticulture is in our genes, so it has become also our only way of life. As honest, loving and sensitive folk, we chose to work with Nature; it is a joint creative partnership; we are guiding her, but allow her time and space to work unhurriedly through her processes. Our vineyards are open to all creatures-our domestic animals and all other visitors are welcome to roam free , even the birds are given sanctuary-given that they feed on the pests, they too are a part of well functioning habitat. We trust the Nature to know the right way, but we listen to her needs, and help her along.Our vineyards are full of life, and so is our grapes-the essence of which is retained in our wines. Continuing our Family crest Motto and Tradition, we today add the love, sensitivity and respect for Nature.In all aspects of growing vine through to bottling wine we use exclusively only natural products, we rely on the Nature’s own power and energy to contribute and honour all Life. That includes all invisible life, that is crucial in the making of wine. Relying only on pure and natural processes, that existed long before we did, is what makes our wines full of vitality, something that is expressed in its fuller body, strong charater, rich bouquet and warm colour.All our grapes are macerated, the way to get the most of it.All our wine is aged in wooden casks, and fermented naturally, without adding sulphur and any microorganisms. They are unfiltered, of finest quality and of course ALIVE.
  • Štajerska, Slovenia
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