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Fuego, 2017

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California - United States
100% natural
Petite Sirah
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From the Grower
"This Petite Sirah wine is a Rhone-style red with an intense color and deep hues of red. Although its alcohol level gives it a bolder and warmer taste, it is a smooth wine with a light structure and floral blueberries notes. On the palate, we find blackberry, cacao and cardamom. This is a well balanced wine with rounded tannins and savory qualities that make surprisingly easy to drink."
vineyard Vineyard
  • Organic / Biodynamic (uncertified)
  • Soil type: Clay
cellar Cellar
  • Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention
  • Sulphites: No added sulphites: <10 mg/L
  • Fining (clarification): Unfined
  • Filtering: Unfiltered
  • Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians
  • Alcohol: 15.6%
  • Residual sugar: 2.5 g/L
  • Vessel type: Wood - Old oak

Additional Information

This wine comes from grapes harvested during the deadly 2017 fire that occurred in Redwood Valley when we had to run for our lives in the middle of the night, right before harvest! We decided to come back several days later when the wind had changed direction. We were able to pick the fruits with a crew of friends and brave volunteers. We sometimes can taste the smoke in the wine, and that reminds us of the gargantuesque red wall of fire galloping towards us on that momentous night.

Silver, 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.
We are a small family farm growing natural agriculture grapes and crafting natural wines from our own vineyard in Mendocino county, California. We strive to grow living soils, and to produce beautiful healthy grapes in harmony with natural cycles. We are artisanal winegrowers and work on every single step, from growing our grapes to bottling the wine. In the vineyard, we follow the natural farming philosophy, no-till dry-farming, beyond organic, and promote and sustain a diversity of life in the vineyard and on the farm. In the cellar, we produce pure vibrant wines by respecting the living community within the wine and the natural fermentation and aging process.
  • California, United States
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