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Ammàno, NV

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Sicily - Italy
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From the Grower
"Ammàno is 100% handmade from the harvest to the bottling. It is a craft orange wine, made with no machineries, only using hands and manual tools. It has a golden color and a cloudy texture, and a bouquet of orange blossoms and yellow broom, apricot notes and the savory Mediterranean shrub: thyme, marjoram, oregano and a hint of incense. It is dry and full on the palate, with a distinct saline finish."
vineyard Vineyard
  • Organic (certified)
  • Grape Percentage: Zibibbo 100%
  • Average age of vines: 15
  • Soil type: Calcareous, Clay
cellar Cellar
  • Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention
  • Sulphites: Low sulphites: 18 mg/L
  • Fining (clarification): Unfined
  • Filtering: Unfiltered
  • Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Residual sugar: 1,16 g/L
  • Length of skin contact: 7 days
  • Vessel type: Wood - Old oak, Stainless Steel
  • Bottle weight: 400

Additional Information

Grapes are handpicked mid-September. All the winemaking process is manual, no electrical machinery is ever used, nor any additives. Spontaneous fermentation lasts 7 days in stainless steel tanks. After malolactic, it refines in medium sized neutral Slavonian oak barrels for 5 months. It is bottled through gravity while keeping part of its natural sediment.
My name is Marilena Barbera, and I am proprietor and winemaker at my boutique winery based in Menfi, Sicily. I believe in organic viticulture and agro-homeopathic protection of my vines, and I strive to make wine in a natural way, respecting the main elements that make terroir here so special: the sun, the ocean and the sea breeze. I use wild yeast for all fermentations - both spontaneous and from pied-de-cuve - and avoid any additives and winery practices the may alter the influence of terroir, and the personality of each grape variety. My wines do not contain GMO, nor animal derived elements, and are suitable for vegans. I do not use concentration, micro-oxygenation or other invasive procedures: my wines are not fined, stabilization is performed by only using cold temperature, filtration is very gentle (never below 5 micron) or totally avoided, and sulfites are always at the minimum possible level. All processes are monitored in order to implement quality and traceability, and to guarantee environmental respect.
  • Sicily, Italy
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