Kiss Kakhuri Mtsvane, 2019

By Kortavebis Marani

  • Appellation: Kindzmarauli
  • Region: Kakheti
  • Country: Georgia
  • Colour: White
  • Grape Varieties: Mtsvane Kakhuri
  • Soil type: Clay, Stony
  • Vessel type: Clay Pot - Kvevri/qvevri
  • Unfined.
  • Unfiltered.

Notes on additives, aids & processing used:

  • No temperature control.
  • Total Sulphites: 45 mg/L
  • This wine is fermented spontaneously.

About Kortavebis Marani

Kakheti, Georgia

Kortava Cellar is located in Eastern Georgia, in the Kvareli region of Kakheti, near the historic Gremi fortress. This region, particularly the Kindzmarauli zone, is renown for having a climate favorable for viticulture.
Our cellar was established in 2014 and spans 2 hectares of traditional and rare grapes. In our vineyards only organic ingredients are used; during the winemaking process we never employ chemical additives.
Two methods are used at Kortava Cellar to produce wine: traditional “Kakhetian style” where the pomace is added to Qvevri (clay jugs), and “European methods” where wine is matured in clay jugs or oak barrels. We offer new wines from both traditional Georgian grapes and exciting mixtures with European varietals.