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Vardisperi Rkatsiteli , 2020

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Kvareli - Georgia
Vardisperi (Pink) Rkatsiteli
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From the Grower
"Color: light orange with the notes of pink color. Aromas: Well-expressed aromas of barberry and rose, with the raspberry notes on the second nose.Taste: Mouth is soft and rich with well-expressed dried barberry aromas, citrus, strawberries and earthy minerality. Medium-bodied dry wine with balanced tannins, backed by lively acidity and long finish."
vineyard Vineyard
  • Organic (certified)
  • Soil type: Alluvial
cellar Cellar
  • Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention
  • Sulphites: 38 mg/L
  • Fining (clarification): Unfined
  • Filtering: Unfiltered
  • Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians
  • Alcohol: 12.7%
  • Residual sugar: 3 g/L
  • Length of skin contact: 6 Months
  • Vessel type: Clay Pot - Kvevri/qvevri
  • Bottle weight: 450

Additional Information

Vardisperi Rkatsiteli is one of the rearest variety of Khakhetian region, it's has a beautiful pink color grapes. Estate grown. Certified Organic
ANAPEA produces wine with traditional kvevri technology from seven Georgian grape varieties (Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane (Kakhetian Green), Khikhvi, Rkatsiteli Vardisperi (Pink Rkatsiteli) and Kakhetian Mtsvivana) in Sagarejo and Kvareli. Aside from these core varieties, there is a vineyard of 32 varieties for producing small amount of wine. Each of them originates exclusively from Eastern Georgia (Kakheti and Hereti regions). Vineyard is maintained and wine is produced only with traditional, eco-approach; harvest is wined in kvevri and aged in kvevri. Our philosophy is that restoring the positive and forgotten past of winemaking traditions of the first winemakers, as well as perfect Georgian viticulture, since this is the the only way to bring back the wine, as well wineconsumers.
  • Kvareli, Georgia
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