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Most wine today is not what one might expect it to be nor indeed is it what marketing would have you believe that it is.

This isn’t about hoodwinked consumers or subliminal messaging. This is not about a big wine scam. It is simply the way that winemaking has evolved thanks to technological advances and greater human control.

Most people in the world have no idea that the vast majority of wines available today are not about land, grapes and weather. Most people do not know that wine can have up to 60 additives (and lots of processes) done to it by law (and that is just in the EU). Indeed, even most wine professionals, though we may be aware of the specific ingredients and processes that go into a particular bottle, will not have stopped to think about what this may/may not be doing to our health, the vineyard area or, perhaps most importantly, the taste and authenticity of the very thing we profess to love – unadulterated, fine wine.

I say this knowingly as I am one of these people. I have written tasting notes for wines that were made with selected, aromatic yeasts that impart specific flavours – such as ‘cassis’ or ‘grass notes’ or ‘a hint of gooseberry’ – so that reading my tasting notes was, I suppose, equivalent to reading a list of ingredients on the side of a packet. Who cares, I hear you say, if it tastes nice isn’t that the most important thing? Well, for one, there are health concerns with some of the additives, secondly most vegetarians don’t have a clue that they probably ought not to be drinking lots of wines out there, thirdly if you do want to try a true wine how on earth are you supposed to pick it out? RAW WINE is about starting a frank conversation. It is about promoting clarity and transparency for all wines (conventional/organic/biodynamic/natural alike) so that in the end, the wine drinker can choose.

Given the state of play in the wine world today, it is time for transparency.

RAW WINE is proud to be sticking its neck out.

Isabelle Legeron MW, London

How are we going to be transparent?

We can be transparent because we are totally independent, so please feel free to ask us any questions and we will try to answer them as best we can. Similarly, if you have a concern about any wine or grower featured on the website, please do get in touch.

We also issued a Charter of Quality, which every producer attending RAW WINE guarantees they are in line with.

More importantly, every wine at RAW WINE will include information on the additives and processes used in its making (including total sulphite levels) – both online and in the RAW WINE guide that you will receive at the fair. Like that you know exactly how it is made and whether or not it is suitable for you. You do this by exploring the complete list of wines on the site, or by exploring their growers & makers.