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The Fine Cider Company

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London, United Kingdom
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About The Fine Cider Company

We work incredibly closely with some of the best cider makers on earth, in the somewhat lost role of the cider merchant. We look for creations that are full of life and to be savoured, bottles that hold a connection to the locale and the landscape; from makers who dig ever deeper into the potential the fruit naturally holds.

We believe that cider is, as once described by the diarist John Evelyn, the ‘Native Wine of England’, and at its best it is a rival to wine, with all the associated qualities from the skill of the maker to the place at the dining table.

Legally, for something to be called ‘cider’ in Britain today, it only needs to have 35% apple juice content, the remaining 65% can be water, colourings, caramels etc. And this 35% juice can even be from concentrate. It has no season, being made year round.

We work with makers who eschew the industrial ways for the depths that come with a purer manner of making. Working seasonally with what the fruit gives them. Pressing the juice of named cider apple varieties, that are grown on old trees up to 180 years old (250+ years for perry pears), using them like wine grapes for their individual properties.

We value minimal intervention and a process of stewardship; often our makers use solely hand picked fruit and ferment only with wild, indigenous yeasts. They value the age and terroir of the orchard, and look to work with the variation of each season.

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