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Satyr Picks

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New York, United States
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About Satyr Picks

Satyr Picks evolved slowly. The portfolio’s origin is little more than a wine perversion. Thankfully, over time and with experience, things have gotten even more perverse! But our deviation from the norm has led us to beautiful things. Cold soakers and early pickers find their way into the collection more easily than “mash warmers” and “late pickers”. The formal qualities sought are of a leaner, lighter, tighter, and brighter aesthetic than is often found on offer. Acidity and weightless density are key. Aromatics, delicate gauge, and mouth feel are always favored over knuckle-dragging extraction and the brutalities of power. Being true to the wine’s place of origin is vital, and the “natural” wine growers we have discovered often deliver the sensual and psychological trajectories we seek in a wine. Naturalism, fineness, transparency and balance--poetic vistas open to the drinker and the mind and body awake. The Satyr Picks wines that body forth mentalities and cultural stances. Meta-narratives of deportment and form are woven into the geometry of the our wines. Beyond psychology, here there is Gestalt. These mentalities consider the given mechanisms of nature as primary and the enlightened application of mediating technologies of culture as secondary, if not superfluous. Wine made for commerce is just bad wine.

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