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About Giuseppe LoCascio - Selezioni Varietali

”The grape alone determines perhaps 90% of the flavor of a wine” - J. Robinson

Italy boasts the largest number of grape varieties used to make wine. A recent study (Robinson, Harding and Vouillamoz , 2012) counted over 370 genetically distinct, native grape verities. Other believe that many more have not yet been identified or properly studied.

Combined with Italy's varied soils and microclimates, numerous appellations, historical traditions and eclectic winemaking styles, this wealth of native grapes offers to the adventurous wine lover a myriad of options and choices. No other wine-producing Country can offer such a diverse and compelling array of wines. And while to some this might seem confusing or even intimidating, we rather believe that it offers an exciting opportunity to discover Italy's incredible winemaking potential. From a spicy Vespolina to a rich and silky Enantio, through classic Sangiovese and a juicy Groppello, Italian native varieties offer countless options in terms of flavors, diversity, value and excitement.

We also believe that native grapes can translate and convey the uniqueness of their terroir better than other non-indigenous varieties. For all these reasons, we have selected artisanal Winemakers crafting wines solely from the native or traditional grapes of their region, and that are striving to clearly express the true varietal character of these grapes, with minimal intervention and the outmost respect for the land on which they cultivate their vines.

We hope you will let us lead you into this journey, discovering the native grapes of Italy, one bottle at a time.

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