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Field Blend Selections

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New York, United States
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About Field Blend Selections

Founded in 2016, Field Blend Selections is a new wine importing and distribution company based in New York City, serving the New York and New Jersey markets.

In both name and practice, Field Blend Selections celebrates agricultural traditions and diversity. The name is an homage to the nineteenth-century immigrants who co-planted an assortment of grape varieties in vineyards throughout the United States, many of which survive today. Alongside their vines, they often co-planted other crops, including fruits, grains, and legumes. This approach of co-mingling various plantings to achieve balance in the vineyards is now referred to as polyculture, and it is widely recognized as one of the best methods for naturally enriching soils and reducing disease. Polyculture, by replicating nature’s diverse ecosystems, produces healthier fruit without the necessity of artificial herbicides or pesticides.

At Field Blend Selections, we, too, believe in diversity and balance. Our portfolio of wines from around the world prioritizes wines of character made by grape growers with minimal intervention in the cellars. We believe that wine is an everyday accompaniment and we strive to bring wines of value to the market.

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