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Tokyo, Japan
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About apéro. wine bar

apéro wine bar aoyama is made of passionate individuals who strive to provide you with the best culinary experience in Tokyo.

Our cuisine revolves around the idea of choosing good and healthy products. But how do we do ?

The Organic Certification is a first step in the right direction, ensuring a certain level of compliance with specifications we care about like limited use of chemicals, etc. Nonetheless buying certified products is not enough to offer a genuine, sustainable and good cuisine. At apéro. we only select meaningful and beautiful organic ingredients as well as handcraft products from suppliers we know, visit and have befriended with.

Our motto is Freedom, Authenticity and Sharing :

Freedom as we are selecting all our wines with a free spirit and an open mind, directly from winemakers’ cellar, following only our instinct and emotions. If you can find a wine on our menu, it’s because we’ve been touched by its story and seduced by its taste.

We offer home cooking with a strong connection to nature. Seasons have rhythms we have to follow, and we trust our Chefs’ instinct and creativity to offer original food and wine pairings with the best timing for each ingredient. Simplicity and respect for the products are the foundation of our principles, our style.

Authenticity is about our French roots: the many flavors, smells, tastes and recipes we keep in our heart from our childhood spent in France. There is also our authentic love for Japan and our true respect for Japanese traditions and cooking expertise. Nourished and inspired by the best of French and Japanese heritage, apéro. offers a cultural and gastronomic experience that will awaken your sweetest culinary memories.

Last but not least, we care about sharing because we believe wine is better enjoyed when shared with friends and loved ones.

We care about the community we built around apéro. wine bar aoyama and cherish this place where our clients, neighbors, friends and partners can meet, share and enjoy together.

Big cities life style tends to be always in a rush. We don’t think we need to go that fast and we hope apéro. will become a place where you too can enjoy a nice glass of wine and a healthy meal, relaxing and restoring yourself peacefully.

Contact Details

Minato, Minami-Aoyama 3-4-6, Aoyama346 3F