People & Places is a compendium of all the growers & makers, importers & distributors, shops, restaurants, bars & hotels, and wine grower associations that have been (and are) part of our community across the world. You can meet many in person at one of our fairs, others you can explore through the website. This revamped version of our website is brand new and we have hundreds of people & places busy populating the website so please visit regularly to see us grow.

Where to start? How about exploring…

…growers & makers to meet at Montréal (1 Nov), New York (4 & 5 Nov) & Los Angeles (11 – 12 Nov) 2018. To explore the fairs’ ‘What’s On’ and Who’s Who’, sign up for our newsletter so that we can keep you in the loop about news and updates. Here are a few of the growers & makers who will be there to help whet your appetite!

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