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L’Association des Champagnes Biologiques

In 1998, a few initiators of organic farming in Champagne formed the Association des Champagnes Biologiques (ACB). Faced by a problematic system but positively motivated to bring their support, new members are joining in the adventure. With new members comes the contribution and exchange of knowledge and integration of more environment-friendly farming methods.

Today, the ACB has 87 members (both growers or grower-producers) and dozens of supporters. Their commitment to farm their vineyards with NO synthetic chemicals is motivated by a shared knowledge of the natural balance of the microbial activity in soils, the respect of their terroirs, the need of biodiversity, but also the importance of respecting others and the next generation.

This commitment comes with risks. Risks to ensure a sufficient production level in a region like Champagne. The area is so close to the northern limit to where growing vines is possible that almost every year, growers have to face severe attacks of mildew and odium. Those risks entail a permanent availability of the grower to his vineyards, higher production costs, etc. However, in the end, it creates real value in the Champagnes. Indeed, organic Champagnes have incredible personalities.

Members of the ACB are also committed to implementing specific actions like exchanging about technics, hosting people who are interested in learning more about organic farming, community days, training courses about new ecological farming practices. They are also willing to help out with advertising the Association and defending the organic certification.

The ACB is part of the network of the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (Fédération Nationale de l’Agriculture Biologique).

All the members share the same belief: it is possible to offer the best of the diversity in all the terroir of Champagne while respecting the environment.

Twelve vignerons of the ACB will be ambassadors of the Champagne Biologique (Organic Champagne) at RAW WINE Los Angeles 2019:


Champagne Laurent Bénard

Michelle et Laurent Bénard


Champagne Blin Jérôme

Jérôme Blin


Champagne L&S Cheurlin

Lucie et Sébastien Cheurlin


Champagne Vincent Couche

Vincent Couche


Champagne Eliane Delalot

Jérôme Lefèvre


Champagne Pascal Doquet

Laure et Pascal Doquet

Champagne Durdon Bouval

Sandie et Ludovic Durdon


Champagne Fleury

Morgane, benoît et Jean-Sébastien Fleury


Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot

Clémence et Dominique Lelarge


Champagne Val’Frison

Valérie et Thomas Frison


Champagne Vouette et Sorbée

Héloïse et Bertrand Gautherot