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Fine Teas

By Tea Dealers, 29B Tea House

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Stefen Ramirez and Shin Won Yoon created Tea Dealers with the aim to introduce the highest quality pure, non-blended teas to America. Our tea catalog is a distinctive selection of exceptional teas that focus on cultivation, the artistry of the producer, and the cultural heritage of each origin. We import teas from India, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan and source them directly from the farmers. All of the selections use traditional agriculture methods that do not use pesticides and only natural fertilizers when needed. Since 2005 we have operated with these core principals that always end with tea:

  • Source directly from farmers the best tea.
  • Curate elegant ceramics that pair wonderfully with tea.
  • Create a welcoming, beautiful experience for the enjoyment and appreciation of tea.
  • Never forget to be good, natural and honest…like our tea!
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29b Teahouse

In October 2018, after three years of running a retail shop in Williamsburg, we opened a new teahouse in the East Village across the street from Discovery Wines.  29b is our vision of an innovative, modern teahouse and an expression of our deep appreciation and understanding of the cultivation and serving of tea. Closer in style to a Tokyo tea bar than a cafe, tea enthusiasts and newcomers will discover esoteric teas as well as novel ways to serve and prepare tea. Also available is a small selection of sake and biodynamic wine to pair with tea at night. The retail section carries a selection of hand made Japanese and Korean ceramics, premium Japanese glassware and tea to take home. Most, but not all, of the teas are available for tasting can be purchased for home consumption in loose leaf. Ceramicists from Korea and Japan also carry wares exclusively through 29b, so anything a person would need for the preparation, storage and serving of tea is available. 29b features educational classes on the history, preparation and appreciation of tea for those who wish to enrich their tea lifestyle. There is also a monthly Chef series that focuses on innovative Chefs that are interested in healthy, ultra seasonal dishes and creative ways of using tea in food.

Japan: Yabukita Kabuse Sencha

Single estate, 100% Yabukita shaded for fifteen days from the oldest trees on the estate and are picked only once a year then pruned. Crafted by a sixth generation tea master who is the head of the “temomi” hand made tea organization of the Kansai region. They use a special recipe to make their natural fertilizer and the farm is situated deep in the mountains, far away from traffic and the city.

China: Qi Dan Da Hong Pao

Strange Vermillion Big Red Robe Yan Zhu Cliff tea from Fall 2017.  Traditional blend of different cultivars including Shui Xian.  Fired and processed over three months to balance and deepen the flavors.  We are proud to present this tea by one of China’s best tea masters.  

Korea: Organic Sejak Green Tea

Grown in the Jiri mountains in a bamboo grove and processed by an organic certified farm (JAS, USDA, EU) that has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic teas for decades.  This green tea is unique in taste and very vibrant in aroma due to being pan fired by hand over a nine step process.

Assam: Big leaf Wild Assam

For the first time in 15 years, we have found a cooperative that has built a state of the art facility to empower the indigenous people of Assam to process their wild tea trees.  The result is a wonderful representation of the taste of India.  Pure tannins, and an amazing range of flavor!