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Eating at the Fair

We’re thrilled to be hosting a trio of fine eateries and purveyors of foodie goodness at the fair this year. They’ll help keep bellies full throughout the day.


Tabula Rasa Bar

Tabula Rasa Bar opened in September 2016 with the vision of creating a neighborhood bar that serves superb wine, beer, and food.


Cuban Sandwich: $9

Grilled Cheese: $8

Autumn Farro Salad: $8

tabula rasa bar

Anajak Thai x Rogue

Anajak Thai has been the Valley’s neighborhood Thai restaurant, serving bold Bangkok style food in a warm atmosphere for thirty two years. The original owner, Chef Ricky’s specialties include Panang curry, Thai BBQ chicken, his famous Ribs, coconut chicken soup, to name a few.

Rogue owns Yarrow, a vegetable focused breakfast & lunch cafe. Yarrow is coming into a beautifully realized space. Hyperslow as it exists is a beautiful cafe with a wonderful team and heatlhy customer base. What Chef Royce aims to bring to the table with Yarrow is building on that existing energy and adding a wonderful and inventive vegan/vegetarian menu with a truly exceptional coffee program.


Moo Ping Roti Taco – grilled street style pork neck, Jaew salsa $9

Masamman Brisket – peanut- based curry, Weiser potatoes and carrots over rice, roti slice $12

Eggplant Roti Taco – grilled eggplant, chili-lime aioli $9

Southern-Thai Fried Chicken – Brined, marinated with garlic, fish sauce. Fried Shallots and Roti Slice $11

Thai Tea $4

Bottled Water $2

vegetable focused breakfast and lunch cafe
anajak thai

The Jolly Oyster

Our mission is to farm outstanding quality shellfish, while benefitting the planet. We are a small family business dedicated to farming top quality oysters and clams. Specializing in Kumamoto and Pacific oysters we control the complete production cycle from our hatchery producing the seed through our farms to your table. With no appreciable fresh water rain or river runoff we offer an outstanding ‘Full Ocean’ experience from the cool pristine waters of Baja California.


Raw Kumamoto and Laguna Bays Select oysters from our Jolly Oyster farms with sauces and lemons. 1/2 doz $14

Bay scallop ceviche (lime, cilantro, red onion, non GMO corn tortillas) $9 per serving

Live sea urchin $15/pc (weather dependent)

the jolly oyster