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Vi.Te  – Vignaioli e Territori is synonymous with artisanal wine, that expresses the flavour of the land it comes from and is born from diversity, knowledge and presence.

The natural winegrower – through the everyday acts of farming – creates his or her own personal relationship with the land and the wine.
In our Association we are pleased to celebrate this relationship, and at the same time contribute to the development and promotion of the culture of natural and artisanal wine, and organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Vi.Te  – Vignaioli e Territori unites over 150 winegrowers who strive to express themselves through transparency, authenticity, and individuality.


 A brief history

In 2012 a group of natural winemakers decided to make their voices heard within a world that up to then seemed far away: the association Vi.Te – Vignaioli e Territori was born, and immediately creates ViViT, the expo of natural winemakers at Vinitaly.

It was time to interrupt the self-referentiality of our world and bring it inside one of the biggest and most important wine events in the planet, to present it and promote it to the universe Vinitaly represented.

Represented, that is, because it took only a short amount of time to rapidly expand the group of Vi.Te, and infect with wine and enthusiasm the whole Italian wine-making world; another way of experiencing agriculture and wine was possible.

The wines of Vi.Te winemakers have established themselves year after year as the concrete, serious and honest demonstration that viticulture and enology that is clean, healthy, and respectful of traditions and of the world we live in, can give birth to good, recognisable, contemporary wines.

Vi.Te, which brings together many of the best Italian natural winemakers, with ViViT opened up the path for VintalyBio and our friends at FIVI, who after several years have also arrived at Vinitaly.

Vi.Te and ViViT were also the impetus for the big Italian winemakers to change course as well; they have begun to develop more sustainable production methods, using herbicides and other pollutants with greater care and awareness. This also makes us happy, because our way of working is a life choice for us and for our children’s future, but if we can somehow also affect the decisions of the industrial producers, with a consequent reduction in pollution, we all benefit.

In 2019 things evolved even more, and after seven editions of ViViT the growers decided to create the new “Vi.Te” space, characterised by the logo and the colours of the association itself, and placed within the newborn “Organic hall”.

In the same year Vi.Te has been encharged by Vinitaly in developing a 3 years long program of seminars and masterclasses – these last led in 2019 by Isabelle Legeron MW – with a focus on agriculture and sustainable winemaking.

This is something that seemed just impossible a few years ago, but at the same time it represents a starting point for new approaches on cultural, productive and commercial studies for the national and international wine landscape.

It would be difficult to find many press releases or interviews by the president or secretary of Vi.Te, because our strength is the harmony within our organisation. Therefore we have no leaders, but only volunteers who take turns working together to enact the decisions that are from time to time considered, discussed, and approved by the assembly of all the members.

Our richness lies in the great diversity of stories and ideas, hands and land, which in their individuality and authenticity make up a beautiful mosaic, alive and pulsating like the earth with which we interact every day.

The main task of Vi.Te today is to celebrate this value and continue on the path of development and promotion of the knowledge and culture generated by the personal relationship between the land and wine.

Diversity, awareness and presence: this is what makes a natural winemaker.

Bruna, Luigi, Matteo and Luca and family


Bruna Ferro


Lia Vi’ 2017
Filari corti 2018


Cosimo Maria Masini

Francesco De Filippis


Nicole Sangiovese 2018
Matilde Rosato 2019

logo Le Due Terre

Le Due Terre

Silvana Forte & Flavio Basilicata


Sacrisassi Bianco 2017
Sacrisassi Rosso 2017

Movia 2


Aleš Kristančič


Chardonnay 2016
Ribolla 2017


Podere Concori

Gabriele da Prato


Concori Bianco 2018
Vigna Piezza 2017


Tenute Dettori

Alessandro Dettori


Dettori Bianco 2018
Tenores 2015