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Zaria, 2016

By Batič Winery

  • Appellation: None
  • Region: Vipava
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Colour: Rosé
  • Grape Varieties:
    • Unfined.
    • Unfiltered.
    • No added sulphites.

    Notes on additives, aids & processing used:

    • No temperature control.
    • Organic/Biodynamic/Equivalent
    • Total Sulphites: 5 mg/L
    • This wine is fermented spontaneously.

    About Batič Winery

    Vipava, Slovenia

    Anno Domini 1592. The Renaissance. Wines for the Holy Mass were prepared by monks – the bearers of our nation’s culture – Batič wines are more than a homage; they are a continuation of the traditions and methods of the Šempas monks. Our wines are their legacy.