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Mtsvane, 2017

By Anapea Village

  • Appellation: Anapea village
  • Region: Kvareli
  • Country: Georgia
  • Colour: Orange
  • Grape Varieties: Mtsvane
  • Soil type: Alluvial
  • Vessel type: Clay Pot - Kvevri/qvevri
  • Unfined.
  • Unfiltered.
  • No added sulphites.

Notes on additives, aids & processing used:

  • No temperature control.
  • Total Sulphites: 8 mg/L
  • This wine is fermented spontaneously.

About Anapea Village

Kvareli, Georgia

ANAPEA produces wine with traditional kvevri technology from seven Georgian grape varieties. Aside from these core varieties, there is a vineyard of 32 varieties for producing small amount of wine. Each of them originates exclusively from Eastern Georgia (Kakheti and Hereti regions).