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Harusame, 2014

By Casè

  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Country: Italy
  • Colour: Rosé
  • Style: Sparkling
  • Grape Varieties:
    • Unfined.
    • Unfiltered.
    • No added sulphites.

    Notes on additives, aids & processing used:

    • Total Sulphites: 20 mg/L
    • This wine is fermented spontaneously.
    • Other Information:Harusame is a sparkling handcrafted wine made as our grandfathers made it before the advent of industrial wine production. The vinification follows the traditional method, without adding any substance other than grapes. Sugar is not added, but natural must is used to achieve the second fermentation in the bottle. No synthetic chemicals are used in the vineyard to grow the vines, and no invasive physical or chemical process is performed in the winery to correct the aroma and the natural evolution of the wine. This product is not filtered.

    About Casè

    Emilia Romagna, Italy Casè is a small, independent winery born in 1998 in the hills of the Trebbia Valley, an area of great natural beauty. Our primary objective is to produce wines that are different from the “international taste”, following the traditional ways of natural wine making of our region.