Who’s onboard?

We’ve already got a few companies confirmed as being onboard, and RAW artisan Olivier Cousin is making the trip over onboard as well!

A huge thank you to everyone listed below, for helping the Mil’Pat set sail on her maiden voyage for RAW. Here’s the final line-up of our cargo & all those involved:

RAW Artisans

Catherine et Gilles Vergé – Loire, France
Chateau Tour Grise – Loire, France
Clos Cristal – Loire, France
Domaine Jolly Ferriol – Roussillon, France
Domaine Lous Grezes – Languedoc, France
Domaine Saurigny – Loire, France
Domaine Sébastien Bobinet – Loire, France
Domaine Rouge-Bleu – Rhône, France
François Saint-Lô – Loire, France
La Grapperie – Loire, France
Le Coste, Italy
Les Vignes de l’Angevin – Loire, France
Olivier Cousin – Loire, France
Valdibella – Sicily, Italy



Located in London’s Borough Market, Elliot’s works closely with the market traders, offering a daily menu based on the market produce of the day. They have a simple but mindful approach to cooking that allows the ingredients they use to dictate the menu and the results are delicious. Their wine offering is ace as well (it is one of a handful of places in London to offer an exclusively natural wine list) and now, if you go there, you can drink sailed wine as well, direct Robinot’s cellar: Les Vignes de l’Angevin. But be quick, their wines don’t hang around for long…

Sfuso Wines


Sfuso wines are expertly and responsibly sourced from Italian wine producers who share our ethical stance. This Means that our wines come from vineyards that are run independently of the Italian mafia; that our wines certified organic; that our wines never contain additives such as chemicals or flavourings. In addition we import Sfuso by train in boxes to reduce our carbon footprint. So by choosing to drink Sfuso you are choosing to enjoy some of Italy’s most exquisite wines in a morally responsible way.

*Ethically packaged * Ethically imported * Organic * Mafia Free * Chemical Free * Flavouring Free


St Katharine Docks


Located on the River Thames next to Tower Bridge, St Katharine Docks is central London’s only marina, covering over 20 acres. Dating back over 1000 years, it used to be one of the busiest ports in the UK and earned a reputation for taking deliveries of sugar, rum, tea, spices, perfumes, ivory, shells, marble, indigo, wine and brandy.

That Crazy French Woman


We at THAT CRAZY FRENCH WOMAN are also shipping a bunch of sparkling to help support the project and to use for our RAW events, including the press landing party and to celebrate the iminent end to the 2013 edition of our fair.

Ty an Holen

La Maison du Sel du Marais Breton

France is a land of salt as much as it is a land of wine: the soil and the sun give each a unique terroir. Located just south of the Loire’s mouth, the Breton Marsh has long been at the crux of sea routes, delivering salt to coastal countries up until industrial salts took over. Since 2002, the “Ty an Holen” (“Salt House” in Breton) has first revived this traditional salt culture amidst this pristine environment. Its restored traditionally‐harvested 3 hectares produce between 15 and 30 tonnes every year.

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