Coronavirus - pulling together naturally...

We have fully lived the lockdown. Nature was still goin on. The vineyards were growing and grapes were ripening. In Italy the situation was somehow desperate and full of cooperation and warmness.

We have decided to be fast and organized. To ship our wines in all Italy to all the people who were closed at home and to bring them a bit of happiness and some relaxing moments in family. They appreciated it.

Among our best customers there is a guy, his name is Giovanni. He owns a small enoteca and a very focused on – line shop. He comes from a small village near Modena, completely destroyed in 2012 by one of the biggest heartquake of Italian history. is specialized in artisanal, organic, biodinamic wines. They will be our partners for on line sales. We are already sold in their e-shop and soon they will be promoted directly from our web site. They are small, we are small. We are organic, they are really focused on sustainable wines. We are nice, they are nicer!

We believe that good and small companies should cooperate! 🙂