Coronavirus - pulling together naturally...

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world and many of our favourite watering holes and importers are now struggling to survive as a result. But the human spirit is fierce and wonderfully creative, and many of these amazing businesses are coming up with novel ways of trying to keep their doors open for business – at least in some capacity. Some are opening shops online or at the back of their warehouses, others are offering take out options from their closed premises and others are so worried about their staff that they’re organising fundraising initiatives to support their team.

We want to help spread the word about everything that is going on so that all of you in the RAW WINE community and beyond can find out about and support ones nearby. You can explore the Together Naturally map below and read about who’s doing what and where – give it a day or so though as we have only just launched it and it needs time for people to fill in their initiatives!

And if your business is organising an initiative that you would like us to help shout about, login to your profile and create your own post here. (If you don’t yet have a profile, you can create one here). Any worries whatsoever, email [email protected].

We’re in it #togethernaturally.