SPRUDGE – Bacchus Wept: Too Many Favorites From RAW WINE 2017

By Jordan Michelman, SPRUDGE

And so it was that over two weekends in November 2017 that RAW WINE did invade America, bringing with it an unrivaled exhibition of artisan minimal intervention wines from around the world. Across two distinct events in New York and Los Angeles, an a national network of satellite events, RAW WINE brings together 100+ low-intervention, organic, biodynamic, and natural winemakers, linking them up with every step of the American wine trade from importers to retailers and bar owners, distributors, sommeliers, 25% general public attendees, celebrities (of both the real life and Instagram variety), and yes, even the odd journalist or two.

It was an astonishing set of tastings. Like a carnivore touching down in Buenos Aires or a vegan in southeast Portland, to be a natural wine lover at RAW WINE is to experience the feeling of coming home, of walking up to a dégustation arrayed just to your liking, full of old favorites and many more new discoveries, and to weep, as Bacchus might, in awe of all that beautiful wine. What RAW WINE founder Isabelle Legeron and her team have accomplished in just their second year here in America is remarkable. I hope its resonance is felt by American wine drinkers deeply over the next year and years to come.

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