She’s on her way!

Given our commitment to proper, clean, sustainable agriculture, this year we decided to go a step further and have teamed up with the innovative TOWT – TransOceanic Wind Transport – a company specialised in sail-powered shipping – proper, sustainable transport.

They use 10 different traditional wooden vessels to circumnavigate the globe using the power of the wind – no oil, no CO2 emissions. (They also track the shipments through codes that are included as stickers on the products they ship so that you can see exactly where your product has been.)

RAW’s plan is to develop a long-term partnership with TOWT so that eventually most wines to RAW might be picked up by sailboat from stop-offs around Europe. This being year 1 of the grand plan, our ambitions have had to start out far more modest, and the plan is to ship wines from Brest to central London: down the Thames to Tower Bridge!

Importing our wines by sail to Denmark is very important to us. This has been a dream for years and it has now come true. The whole process of the shipping, the time it demands, the sound of the sea against the hull and of the wind in the sails, the movements of the ship: it is all part of a process that belongs in-depth to the wine.” (Danish Importer who supplies Noma – apparently René Redzepi turned up in person to collect his allocation off the boat!)

Thanks for your support!

After many months of to-ing and fro-ing, downsizing boats (!) and trying to find partners to help fill the hull, we have finally managed to find the perfect boat for us and we are delighted to say that the Mil’Pat is on her way! A big thank you to all those of you who passed the word on and supported us in our big boat appeal.

As promised, the lucky winner of our appeal has been chosen and we will all be sailing our cargo – including some 600 bottles of wine and a bunch of olive oil – down the Thames on Thursday 16th May. So if you would like to catch a glimpse of the Mil’Pat and her crew head down to the water for about 2 or 3 pm. Our crazy French woman, Isabelle, will be on the boat so you can follow either follow her on twitter, or follow us as well, for timely updates on the boat’s location. A good view should be had from Thames Barrier, the Emirates Air Line or even Tower Bridge! (If you click on this last link, you can see St Katharine Docks – right next to it – where the Mil’Pat will moor and offload).

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