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Luca Hodgkinson & Jose Miguel Sotomayor
Maule Valley, Chile
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Luca Hodgkinson & Jose Miguel Sotomayor
REgion Metropolitana
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Maule Valley
Through the twists and turns of life, José Miguel Sotomayor and Luca Hodgkinson came to be great friends. Two experienced winemakers sharing a fierce fervor for the vine. Both seeking something more from their careers, they decided to get back to the roots of what made them live for wine in the first place: the pleasure of sharing. And so, Wildmakers was born. The name wasn’t necessarily an “aha moment,” rather it was developed through philosophizing and defining what kind of wine they would make. Wild. Not uncultivated or crazy, but wild as in natural expression. The state of nature at its finest. Makers. José Miguel and Luca, two talented winemakers leaving behind mass production to get back to the basics.

Chile is a viticulturist’s wonderland. The country basks in diverse climates and healthy soils, with still so many frontiers yet to be explored. Winemaking potential spans for thousands of kilometers from north to south, providing makers with endless options. Because of such variety and our desire to produce wines that exude origin, we work with both our own grapes and grapes sourced from trusted vintners that share our same philosophies.

Standing among our vines in the Maule Valley’s interior drylands, you can can see the towering Andes Mountains dotted with volcanoes to the east. Located in the Carrizal area, we are surrounded by a steppe with Acacia Caven and hawthorn, sclerophile bushes such as Quillayes, Litres, Boldos and Peumos, as well as fig, almond and olive trees.

Our clay-loam soils are a dark reddish-brown with a block structure and excellent drainage. They have a high decomposition and good depth, planted on a slight 4% slope with a south-east orientation. We have four hectares of Garnacha and five hectares of Cariñena, all vines planted more than 100 years ago. Noble varieties from Iberia that vibrate with natural acidity.

We have a temperate Mediterranean climate with wet winters and dry, hot summers. Our orientation, however, helps moderate temperatures and allows the grapes to ripen slower, which is ideal for producing age-worthy red wines.

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